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Buckinghamshire County Councils bids for £2.1m grant for road improvements in Aylesbury

| September 18, 2017

Buckinghamshire County Council has made a bid for £2.1m of Government funding for road improvements in Aylesbury.

If the bid to the National Productivity Investment Fund is successful the improvement plan in Oxford Road will help to ease traffic queueing at the Fowler Road junction and the Hen & Chickens roundabout.

Included in the bid are upgrades to walkways and cycleways, an improved college bus stop, installation of synchronised traffic light controls and new pavements by the Ellen Road roundabout and at Fowler Road.

Mark Shaw, Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member, said the scheme would help to relieve pinch-point congestion and reduce air pollution.

‘It’s important that we continually look for opportunities to bid for Government funding to invest in our roads, to help deal with the impact of housing growth,’ he said. ‘This is a great opportunity to make life a little better for our residents.

To fully fund the scheme the County Council will add around £500,000 of developer contributions. A response is expected from Whitehall around the time of the Chancellor’s autumn budget 2017.

This round of National Productivity Investment Fund bids aim to help councils relieve congestion, unlock economic growth and enable homes to be built.

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