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Opinion : Christmas 2017

| December 25, 2017

Finally Christmas has arrived.

What a dull, dark and damp Christmas morning it was. With the sky cloudy and overcast it was hardly the weather for a Christmas morning walk indeed one was far better off indoors in the warm.

The streets were very quiet, for one day Wycombe has stopped and nobody ventured out. Of course there are those who have to work so we can enjoy our Christmas. The hidden heroes of Christmas deserve a big round of applause to give up their festive day so we can enjoy ours.

Christmas 2018 is a good one. My ancestral home is packed with guests indeed we’re all eating, drinking (non-alcoholic beverages of course) and busy being merry.

The huge turkey we had for lunch was cooked perfectly. Upon seeing the bird coming out of the oven several of my guests suggested that yours truly should apply to be on Master Chef.

Of course what they didn’t know what that my neighbour was actually the one who cooked the fowl and my good self was merely taking it out of the oven at a certain time upon strict instruction to do so.

You know Christmas is a very special time of year, magical even. To see everyone happy, well fed and enjoying themselves makes everything worthwhile.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes we did spare a thought for those less fortunate that us who perhaps can’t afford such exuberance at this time of year. However life is what you make it and if you’re prepared to do the hard work then why shouldn’t one celebrate in style?

Yours truly even went round to a neighbour who was on their own for Christmas and invited them round to my huge Christmas party. Seeing the look on their face when the realised that they wouldn’t be lonely for Christmas was well worth it.

As for the rest of Christmas, well, my guests are in for a treat.

I’ve purchased some special ‘indoor fireworks’ and my good self will put on a special indoor firework display later this evening. Indoor firework displays were one on my father’s specialities and as a child yours truly can remember many an interesting display on Christmas evening.

Hopefully all will go well but if you live in the western part of Wycombe and hear sirens later this evening then you should assume that something went wrong with the indoor fireworks and we had to summon the services of the fire brigade.

Anyway that’s enough from me so may I take this opportunity to wish all my readers and everyone in High Wycombe a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year.

What do you think?

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