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Opinion : Are computers worth all the hassle?

| January 5, 2018

By George! It seems that many of the computer chips made in the last ten years may have a ‘serious security flaw’ in them!

According to one national news site there is a ‘Rush to fix ‘serious’ computer chip flaws‘ following the shock discovery that due to the design of certain types of computer processors the naughty hackers may by able to get information from the computer when they should not be able to do so.

Oh dear. Millions of computers are now vulnerable and will need something apparently called a ‘patch’ applied to them to make them safe again.

Well, it just goes to show how fragile all this newfangled modern technology really is. One minute we think our computers are safe, the next minute panic is unleashed as everyone is rushing to find a fix.

Once again my distrust in the modern computer is proven to be correct. My good self is left asking myself the question ‘Are computers worth all the hassle?’

Luckily the great and the good, who know far more than me about these things, have given the two newly discovered problems a name so we can refer to them easily. Apparently the two problems are called ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’. Oh my! What silly names!

Reading the news articles it seems there is a fix coming for ‘Meltdown’ but ‘Spectre’ may never be fully fixed and could be floating around with us for a while. Silly names for a silly problem that should never have existed.

On top of all this the fix for ‘Meltdown’ could slow one’s computer by 30%! That’s just the news we needed to start the New Year with.

Of course there are lots of businesses such as banks, the military and users of other critical systems for which a ‘fix’ is not good enough.

Those who need 100% fully secure computing facilities will need to invest in new computer equipment once someone designs a computer processor that isn’t affected by a ‘Meltdown’ or a ‘Spectre’.

So there we go, lots of people will be rushing out to buy new computers. But hang on, doesn’t that mean the computer manufacturers will make bumper profits supplying new computers? Of course!

Those who believe in conspiracy theories will easily put two and two together and come up with four on this one.

Naturally my good self saw all this coming. These computer things will be the end of modern society as there seems just too much that can go wrong with them.

Give me a pen, paper and a proper filing cabinet any time. Far better than any newfangled electrically powered computer….

What do you think?

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