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Public consultation to be held on 20 year plan for minerals and waste in Buckinghamshire

| January 9, 2018

Bill Chapple, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, on a visit to a Buckinghamshire household recycling centre.

A public consultation is to be held on a 20 year plan for minerals and waste in Buckinghamshire.

On Monday 8th January 2018 Buckinghamshire County Council’s Cabinet agreed to recommend to February’s full council meeting that their revised Minerals and Waste Local Plan for the next 20 years should go to formal public consultation before being sent for examination to Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Officers have made changes to the original plan using strong feedback from a county-wide community and stakeholder consultation and an online survey held in August and September 2017.

A key change has been the deletion of an existing industrial site at Ashridge Road, Chesham and a proposed Milton Keynes fringe site from the 27 potential locations for waste management operations, said Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment.

In the light of the deletions, officers have recalculated how much waste the county is likely to generate in the life of the plan, and reassessed the potential capacity of the remaining preferred waste management locations in the plan.

Bill said: ‘This plan has to balance the needs of our amenities and our natural and historic environment, with the demands for future mineral extraction, and the need to manage Buckinghamshire’s waste.

In other words, we’ve had to ensure there’s a steady and adequate supply of aggregates and forecast our future waste management needs, taking account of growth set out in the district local plans, and we’re as sure as we can be that we’ve given our very best estimates.

Bill said the plan will be reviewed every five years to ensure it is kept up to date.

The blueprint for the future of mineral prospecting and waste management in Buckinghamshire will get its second airing among residents, stakeholders and operators from Monday 5th March 2018.

An easy-to-understand summary of the revised plan will be published on the County Council website for the formal consultation.

The Buckinghamshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2016-36 proposed submission plan can be found at the following link : https://democracy.buckscc.gov.uk/documents/s106906/Appendix%20A_BCC%20Proposed%20Submission%20MWLP%20track%20changes%20FINAL.pdf.

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