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Snow plough and gritter helped clear path for three expectant mums

| March 2, 2018

TfB gritters clear the drive to Saunderton Lodge on Friday 2nd March 2018.

A Transport for Buckinghamshire snow plough and gritter helped clear the path for three expectant mums who had gone into labour early.

Colleagues at Wycombe District Council housing department turned to their colleagues at Transport for Buckinghamshire for help after three women residents at Saunderton Lodge, WDC’s emergency accommodation on the outskirts of town, had gone into early labour early.

Snow drifts from the surrounding fields had overwhelmed the 400m+ driveway causing residents vehicles to get stuck, blocking the way. Kind volunteers from the public worked with contractors to try and dig people out, but reinforcements were needed.

A call was made to the County Council resilience team asking for help and a TfB crew was sent out as soon as possible with a snow plough and gritter to save the day.

At the last report the women were all still safe and warm at the lodge, but safe in the knowledge that they could get to hospital when the time comes.

Everyone at TfB was delighted they could help out and wished the expectant mums all the very best for the safe arrival of their snow babies!

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