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Opinion : Will the heatwave stop Brexit?

| July 24, 2018

By George it’s hot!

With wall to wall sunshine and practically no rainfall the summer of 2018 is turning out to be a scorcher.

Indeed an item appeared on the news section of this site today that just about sums up the summer so far, it was headlined ‘Just 1.8mm of rain fell in High Wycombe in the last 54 days as the 2018 heatwave continues‘.

Of course the hot summer weather is not good for everyone. Take my good self for example. It’s bad enough being clinically obese during normal weather but yours truly is really suffering at the moment. All the fat on my body is like acting like insulation indeed it’s like wearing several overcoats at the same time and I’m far too hot.

Spare a thought too for the plants in the gardens of High Wycombe. Without rainfall the lawns at my ancestral home are looking decidedly brown at the moment.

I dread to think what the crops of potatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc…. are like in the farmers fields.

If there was anytime that we needed a good harvest it would be this year, 2018. After all next year we are pulling up the drawbridge with our neighbours in Europe. It would be a dreadful conundrum if we were to have food shortages here but the farms in Europe had a surplus.

Do you think Europe would send us food after all the goings on with Brexit? Of course not, after all we are no longer their worry so why should they help us out?

For a long time yours truly has said that despite the result of the 2016 referendum it’s unlikely that we will actually fully leave the EU.

Your humble servant can foresee a situation arising where someone takes the decision to cancel the Article 50 notification and stay in the EU. Whatever the trigger for the Article 50 reversal decision will be I do not know but a poor harvest this year leading to food shortages next year would be a contender.

The sooner we get rain the better, but I fear it will be too late for a normal harvest this year.

What do you think?

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