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County Council makes funding available for community schemes or projects in Beaconsfield

| August 6, 2018

Buckinghamshire County Council has released funding to spend specifically on projects that help the community in Beaconsfield.

The funding has been made available through the Beaconsfield Local Area Forum for the financial year 2018/19.

The Beaconsfield Forum area has a limited development budget called the Local Priorities Budget and is seeking proposals for projects to be carried out during 2018/19, with a view to making decisions on how to allocate this year’s budget at the Forum meeting on Monday 17th September 2018.

It is likely that projects with a total value of around £11,000 will be recommended for approval at this meeting.

All kinds of local schemes are being helped by the Local Area Forum’s (LAFs). Some residents use funding for community transport projects, others to fund community initiatives like events for local young people, tidying up or improving a local playground or community area or a project that helps more elderly and vulnerable residents.

Anyone running a community project in Beaconsfield can find out more about putting a proposal together to receive the County Council funding. So long as the scheme meets the County Council’s strategic priorities it will then be fully assessed by the LAF coordinators and considered when the funding is allocated.

County Councillor Anita Cranmer is the Beaconsfield Local Area Forum Chair. Cllr Cranmer said: ‘Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. If your scheme or idea is helping local people it really could potentially be in the running for this funding.

This is why we set up the Local Area Forums – so that people can directly decide how county council money is spent in their area. I know there are a lot of really worthwhile schemes in Beaconsfield so I urge you to find out more about how to access these funds.

Further information is available by emailing [email protected].

There are 19 Local Area Forums across Buckinghamshire. They were set up by Buckinghamshire County Council to allow local people to directly govern what money is spent on in their local area. Further information about the Local Area Forums can be found on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.

Proposals for funding must support the County Council’s Strategic Priorities :

  • Safeguarding our vulnerable.
  • Creating opportunities and building self-reliance.
  • Keeping Buckinghamshire thriving and attractive.
  • Value For Money.

Further information about the County Council’s Strategic Priorities can be found on the Buckinghamshire County Council Strategic Plan.

Each proposal will be assessed against the following criteria :

  • How well it fits with the Town Plan.
  • How well it supports our Strategic Priorities.
  • How well it would provide value for money.

Some examples of some projects funded in other local areas in 2017 can be found at the following link.

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