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Opinion : What effect will a ‘no deal’ Brexit have on High Wycombe?

| August 6, 2018

Brexit day is just a few months away.

However we’re still not certain what sort of Brexit we will get. Will it be a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or a just right Brexit? Of course it could be a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

There are those who say that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ and unless we say we are prepared to walk away then we will not a get a good deal.

Of course this is a completely ridiculous position to take because the EU knows that we’re only saying we will walk away to get a good deal and in reality the UK doesn’t want to walk away without a deal.

But what happens if there is no deal. Already there are reports in some national news papers that the ‘Dexeu discussing cancelling police leave for two months in case of ‘no deal’ Brexit backlash‘.

Suppose a no deal Brexit leads to food shortages, petrol shortages and life as we know it breaks down. Would there be mass civil disobedience? It’s possible.

If things really got out of hand maybe, just maybe (and I sincerely nope not), the civil disobedience may turn into a second English civil war with Brexiteers on one side and the Remainers wanting a return to the EU on the other side.

So how would a ‘no deal’ affect Wycombe?

Well, let’s suppose (hypothetically of course) the shops have run out of food, there are queues at petrol stations and the Government steps in to limit the hours the factories and offices can open to save electricity.

Ironically for any old enough to remember the 1970’s, like my good self, this is exactly the situation we had in the UK that lead us to join the EU in the first place!

Back in the 1970’s many in society had experienced war time rationing and were able to cope. Yours truly fears the modern day inhabitants of Wycombe would find such a situation unacceptable in the 21st Century world.

This is my prediction as to how a ‘no deal’ would affect modern day Wycombe :

: Factories will close and be demolished to be replaced with ‘affordable’ housing.

: Council Tax will rise to ensure the workers of the powers that be can enjoy a cushy lifestyle at the expense of those who live in Wycombe and work hard to earn money to pay the Council Tax.

: It’s likely that some may resort to attacking others in the street for money or possessions.

: You may see people begging on the streets of Wycombe especially in the town centre.

: If work becomes short others may resort to criminal activities, such as drug dealing, to get money. No doubt these repugnant individuals would be visible by virtue of the fact that suddenly they become wealthy and purchase expensive cars with loud exhausts which they drive through the Castlefield area of Wycombe at speed.

: Single mothers may resort to prostitution to get money. The service roads behind the shops in the Desborough Road area would be turned into a no-go red light area after dark.

: If things got really bad there may be fights breaking out on Frogmoor leading to injury or even death to innocent passers by.

: Crime would spiral out of control and the police would be unable to cope due to lack of resources.

The ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario pictured above is not pleasant in fact its Armageddon. But wait…. Our town is like this now and the description above is one of the daily goings on in Wycombe already!

So my conclusion is…. We have nothing to fear from a ‘no deal’ Brexit and life in Wycombe would carry on as normal….

What do you think?

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