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Opinion : Is this the ugliest building in High Wycombe?

| August 13, 2018

Over the years some of the new buildings built in Wycombe have been stinkers.

However recently yours truly came across a building that, in my opinion, looks so bad that upon seeing it for the first time your humble servant nearly puked on the pavement.

By George!‘ my good self exclaimed when venturing down Baker Street on my lunchtime walk the other day. ‘What in the name of Lucifer is this building?‘ were the next words I uttered.

The dull grey exterior, lack of character and other features as well as general drabness of the building literally made me stop in my tracks.

How could this building be described? Well, to me it looks like something you may have found at a military complex during World War II. You could imagine slave workers being marched out from the dull building into the daylight to be executed.

How on earth did a monstrosity of a building like this ever get to be built?

When you consider the lovely historic buildings in the town centre it defies belief that such a hideous building could be allowed to spring up in the Desborough area of town.

A building like this would never go up in Marlow, indeed if something like this was suggested for Marlow there would be outrage. So why does Wycombe have to have such a carbuncle blighting the vista?

Someone tells me the building is for a supermarket, well I for one won’t be paying a visit when it opens after they blighted the area with such a wickedly monstrous building.

When you think that Wycombe lost a perfectly good car park for this rubbish. In fact mentioning rubbish, in my opinion, the buildings at the High Heavens Waste Disposal Complex near Booker have more architectural merit than the building shown in the pictures above.

It’s about time that Wycombe raised it’s standards and we had a return to some proper architecture in the town with nice brickwork and windows that give an airy atmosphere inside the building and something pleasant to look at on the outside.

What do you think?

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