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Pro-European activists to host Lord Adonis in High Wycombe on Sun 7th Oct 2018

| September 17, 2018

Local activists and supporters of Pulse of Europe will welcome Lord Andrew Adonis to their fortnightly gathering on the streets of High Wycombe on Sunday 7th October 2018.

This pro-European event will take place between 2.00pm and 3.00pm outside All Saints Church in Church Street, High Wycombe.

The event will raise awareness of the poor state of the Brexit negotiations and the danger Brexit poses to the nation, above all its young people, many of whom had no say in a matter that will affect their futures significantly.

Pulse of Europe are calling for the British people to be given a vote on the final Brexit deal and, as ever, they welcome polite and informed debate.

Celebrating their anniversary this Spring, Pulse of Europe High Wycombe is a non-party organisation. The group meets on the first and third Sunday of each month outside All Saints Church, Church Street, High Wycombe.

Other Pulse of Europe groups meet in the UK (Bath and Canterbury) and across the European Union. The group believes that we need a united Europe today more than ever and their aim is to display and advance the principles of the EU that we value: unity, peace, freedom, cooperation, democracy and solidarity.

Peter Roberts of Pulse of Europe, said: ‘We are delighted that Lord Adonis will be coming to see the work we are doing to ensure that Britain’s national interest as a part of the European family is not forgotten at this crucial time.

We will be calling for a People’s Vote on the Government’s final deal with the European Union so that all UK citizens – and, we hope, those EU citizens who have contributed to our nation with their work and their taxes – can make an informed choice about our future

We have also invited Wycombe’s MP Steve Baker and are sure that he will want to take this opportunity to meet and debate with us.

Further information on Pulse of Europe can be found on their website at https://pulseofeurope.eu/gb/pulse-of-europe/ueber-uns/.

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