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Opinion : Why can’t there be an event in Wycombe like the Marlow Carnival?

| September 20, 2018

Last weekend my good self went to Marlow and happened to visit Higginson Park when the Marlow Carnival was taking place.

The Carnival seems a grand affair. After a precession, including floats travelling along the High Street, everyone congregated in Higginson Park where there were fairground rides, stalls, entertainments and musical performances.

Indeed the Marlow Carnival was a jolly good event and even my good self enjoyed myself thoroughly.

After returning home in the evening my good self could not help thinking about the wonderful carnival event in Marlow. Why on earth isn’t there a similar event in High Wycombe?

Wouldn’t it look good to have a precession of floats travelling through Frogmoor, round Church Street and into Wycombe High Street?

The parade could end on The Rye which is plenty big enough for a fun fair and associated entertainment events.

So why isn’t there such an event in High Wycombe? After all our town has the facilities, we’ve got the open spaces and there are more people living in Wycombe than Marlow so surely we have the crowds too?

Sadly my good self fears what Wycombe lacks is the drive and forward thinking mentality to organise and put on such an event.

At the end of the Marlow Carnival everyone went home after a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Of course if such an event was held in Wycombe then at the end of the day someone would probably be stabbed and the police would be called who would duly cordon off a section of The Rye declaring it a ‘crime scene’.

Once again Wycombe is several steps behind Marlow. It’s a case of them and us. They have a nice carnival and day of fun but we do not – what a shame.

What do you think?

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