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Restoration work on the Marlow Obelisk completed

| September 20, 2018

Marlow Obelisk, High Street, Marlow after restoration.

Restoration work on the Marlow Obelisk has been completed successfully.

The work, which started on Monday 28th August 2018, was scheduled to last for three weeks and was undertaken on weekday nights between 8.00pm and 5.00am when the roads were at their quietest.

The Marlow Obelisk is a historic landmark located at the centre of the roundabout at the top of the High Street. Erected in 1822, the obelisk was originally used by travelling coaches as a way point marker.

Over time the obelisk had begun to deteriorate. In more recent years the deterioration had led to whole sections of the stone lettering breaking away.

Additional drainage work was also scheduled to be carried out around the bottom of the Obelisk to stop the ingress of water which is speeding up the deterioration.

The renovation works were carried out by a specialist contractor who cleaned and repaired the monolith and re-engraved the damaged lettering using photographs and records to ensure the restoration is faithful to the original appearance of the Grade II listed monument.

Marlow Obelisk, High Street, Marlow after restoration.

Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) had to postpone the work on the obelisk in 2017 due to practical concerns, particularly the congestion that it would create on local roads.

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