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Opinion : Why are fireworks still being let off several weeks after bonfire night?

| November 17, 2018

It’s two weeks since bonfire night but the sound of bangers being let off can still be clearly heard in some parts of High Wycombe.

A few days ago, during the evening, my good self went to visit a friend who lives in Castlefield.

We all know that part of town is like, indeed anyone who drives through literally takes their life into their own hands. Sadly the rule of law seems to be practically non-existent there.

During my visit the sound of loud banger fireworks could clearly be heard. Of course fireworks night was weeks ago and letting bangers off now is only likely to scare animals and young children.

There are laws on fireworks but they are rudimentary to say the least and quite honestly they are unenforceable, after all how can the person who let a firework off at midnight be traced and let’s face it the police are highly unlikely to divert resources to such a crime.

No doubt many of those letting the fireworks off in Castlefield during my visit were actually on benefits such as Universal Credit. As far as my good self is concerned anyone who puts befit money toward fireworks should have their benefits stopped.

Isn’t it time there was a complete ban on the sale of fireworks to the public? If nobody can get hold of fireworks then nobody can let them off and surely the world would be a better place?

Indeed there is currently a petition on the UK parliament website calling for just a ban. At the time of writing it had attracted over 286,000 signatures.

Not only can fireworks cause injury when used improperly but they also cause a nuisance to the public when they are let off indiscriminately throughout the year.

In my opinion a total ban is the only way forward. The sooner it happens the better.

What do you think?

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