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New audiology clinic opens at Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross Community Hospital

| April 11, 2019

A new audiology clinic has opened at Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross Community Hospital.

The new clinic will expand the community services offered by Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust making it easier for local patients to access key services.

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, in collaboration with the League of Friends, opened the audiology clinic on Monday 25th March 2019.

The clinic will help to ensure that patients requiring diagnostic testing for ENT appointments can be seen in an integrated, effective and efficient way. In addition, hearing aid services will be available, covering the full range of the latest digital hearing aids available on the NHS. Through the clinic, the local community will have access to the same high standard of audiology care available at larger Trust hospitals.

Andrew Perriam, head of audiology at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, said: ‘It was great to mark the opening of the clinic with a formal event and a beautiful cake to celebrate all the hard work of staff, volunteers and fundraisers alike, in making it happen.

The opening was a great opportunity to talk to attendees about the full range of services available and for them to have a look and ‘play’ with the equipment. The Trust is truly grateful to the League of Friends for their support in providing all the latest equipment.

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