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Opinion : Should the US President be invited to visit High Wycombe?

| June 5, 2019

As everyone is probably aware the US President is currently paying a visit to the UK.

It seems the President has a packed itinerary with state banquets, D-Day commemorations and meetings with political leaders.

However my good self was wondering if Wycombe should invite Mr President to come and see our lovely town while he was in the UK?

I’m sure Mr Tump would love to come and see what our town has to offer after all there’s so much to see in Wycombe.

For example there’s the new building made of shipping containers in the Desborough area officially known as ‘Des Box’ but more commonly known by the locals as ‘Dent Box’ due to the high number of dents and dings (see picture below) in the second hand shipping containers that comprise the building.

Then there is the new ‘Coachway’ at Handy Cross. A development like that is just the sort of thing that shows how go-ahead our town is.

How about a guided tour of the main shopping complex in town? After viewing all the empty units maybe the President would be able to give some tips on bringing business back into the town centre?

Maybe a guided drive around the streets that have been subject to the ‘Masterplan’ traffic scheme would perhaps give some ideas for easing the congestion in the big US cities?

Of course Frogmoor would be a highlight of any visit to Wycombe, not to mention a trip along White Hart Street to see the ‘other side’ of life in the town and how the local support services are helping the homeless.

With all the empty shops, tramps, homeless and general deprivation in the Frogmoor area perhaps the President could give some hints and tips on how to ‘make Wycombe great again’?

Sadly my good self doubts if there would be enough time for a quick visit to Wycombe during his current visit, but I’m sure he will come to the UK again so perhaps we should be planning ahead and issue an invitation should he make a trip the the UK in the future?

What do you think?

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