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Opinion : What will you be doing on ‘Buckinghamshire Day’?

| July 27, 2019

Buckinghamshire Sign, High Street, Marlow. (Archive picture)

What will you be doing this year to mark ‘Buckinghamshire Day’?

On Sunday 28th July 2019 in Aylesbury there will be a special opportunity to visit the historic ‘Judges Lodgings‘ building with guided tours too! This sounds like a very interesting event

Of course Buckinghamshire Day is not the only ‘County Day’ in the country, indeed Saturday 27th July 2019 is Norfolk Day.

As you can see below there is even a Twitter page devoted to Buckinghamshire Day.

In my humble opinion Buckinghamshire Day is a good idea and a concept that needs to be expanded with events in various key towns in the County, after all it would be an opportunity for everyone to come together and showcase the best that Buckinghamshire has to offer.

Why not go one step further and create a ‘Wycombe Day’ when the people of the town can visit historic and public buildings that are not usually open and get a glimpse behind the scenes?

A Wycombe Day would be a great step to restoring the community spirit that seems to have been lost over the years. Perhaps parking in the town centre could be free to draw in the crowds and help drive trade to the shops too?

As for what your humble servant will be doing to celebrate this coming Buckinghamshire Day, well, it looks very much like I will be snoozing in my favourite armchair with plenty of fizzy drink and chocolates to hand.

What do you think?

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