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Consultation launched on Council Tax Reduction (Support) Scheme for the new Buckinghamshire Council

| August 14, 2019

A public consultation has been launched on a proposed Council Tax Reduction (Support) Scheme for the new Buckinghamshire Council.

The consultation, launched on Wednesday 14th August 2019, asks residents for their views on how the new Buckinghamshire council will support people on low incomes with their council tax bills through a new Council Tax Reduction (Support) Scheme.

The changes are being discussed ahead of the current as five councils merging to become one council on Wednesday 1st April 2020.

Different levels of support are currently offered by the four District Councils (Aylesbury Vale, Chiltern, South Bucks and Wycombe) through the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

The new proposals are that from Wednesday 1st April 2020 there will be just one scheme for the whole of the county meaning people in the same situation are treated consistently and fairly wherever they live in the Buckinghamshire Council administrative area.

Council Tax support is offered to people of working age on low incomes who are eligible for a reduction in their council tax based on their financial situation. This includes vulnerable people such as people who receive qualifying disability benefit and single parents with a child/children under 5. The proposed scheme does not affect pensioners who will continue to receive the same level of council tax reduction as directed by Government.

By combining four schemes into one it does mean there may be some differences however most people who benefit from the current Council Tax Reduction (Support) Scheme are likely to see little or no change.

Martin Tett, Leader of the Buckinghamshire Council Shadow Executive, said: ‘When we are one council it’s important that there isn’t a postcode lottery on the help our residents can get. We want a fair approach that offers residents the same level of support with their council tax bills no matter where they live in the county.

Further information on the proposals and details on how to take part in the consultation can be found on the Buckinghamshire Council Shadow Executive website at https://shadow.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/consultations/counciltaxreduction.

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