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Traffic lights at Cressex Link junction repaired following collision

| September 3, 2019

The traffic lights at the Cressex Link junction are fully operation again after being damaged in a collision.

Work to return the lights to fully operational condition was completed during the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd September 2019 ahead of the county return to school.

A collision, which occurred overnight on Friday 30th August 2019, resulted in several pieces of equipment associated with the lights being damaged beyond repair. The items replaced were two poles, two signal heads, a kerbside detector, a pedestrian crossing detector and two pedestrian displays.

An insurance claim to recover the cost of the repairs is being raised by Buckinghamshire County Council against the parties involved.

Mark Shaw, Deputy Leader and Transport Cabinet Member at Buckinghamshire County Council, paid tribute to the speed and efficiency with which engineers got the junction lights back to normal.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire County Council.

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