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Imam presents Qur’an translation to Buckinghamshire’s County run libraries

| October 8, 2019

Chesham mosque’s Imam Arif Hussein, and members Abdul Bari and Senol Dilber, with Cabinet Members Mark Shaw and Gareth Williams. (Image supplied by Buckinghamshire County Council)

A gift of twenty copies of the Qur’an in English has been given to Buckinghamshire’s County run libraries by the Imam and members of Chesham mosque.

Chesham Imam Arif Hussein presented the books during the week begin Monday 7th October 2019. The gift came about as a result of a link with Marks Shaw, the Deputy Leader of Buckinghamshire County Council, who represents one of the Chesham electoral divisions.

The copies of the Qur’an in English will be distributed to the ten County Council operated libraries throughout Buckinghamshire.

Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Community Engagement and Public Health,received the books on behalf of the County library service. Gareth said: ‘The generous gift of these books from Chesham mosque is very much appreciated, and our libraries will welcome this resource.

Mark said: ‘The mosque is an integral and valuable part of our community in Chesham. This is a very kind gesture by the Imam and members of the mosque, which will give a wider audience reference to the Qur’an.

The Qur’an, literally meaning ‘the recitation’, is the central religious text of Islam, which Muslims believe to be a revelation from Allah.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire County Council.

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