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Woman issued with Criminal Behaviour Order following repeated alcohol theft offences from Waitrose shop in Chesham

| December 18, 2019

A woman has been issued with a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) a result of repeated alcohol theft offences from the Waitrose shop in Chesham.

The 36 year old woman of Marygold Walk, Little Chalfont appeared at High Wycombe Magistrates Court on Monday 9th December 2019.

The CBO was granted as a result of repeated alcohol theft offences from Waitrose shop in Chesham. The CBO, which will remain in place for two years, prohibits the 36 year old woman from :

  • Entering the area in Chesham as defined on the exclusion map.
  • Remaining on any land, premises or property after being asked to leave by the owner, occupier, persons lawfully entitled to make a request to leave.
  • Entering any retail premise for which the company has issued her a banning letter.
  • Entering any retail premise with [a specific male named on the CBO] or associating with him within five metres of a retail shop.

Neighbourhood officer PC Vicki Kerr said: ‘This CBO was sought as a result of [the 36 year old woman] persistently behaving in a way that has caused nuisance to the stores involved, the staff who work there and the customers going about their daily shopping.

I am delighted the courts have supported the police and the retail community by issuing her with this CBO.

Breaching any of the conditions could result in a fine or imprisonment and I hope this sends a clear message to those who shoplift that the police will not tolerate this and will seek to apply to the courts for CBO’s where appropriate.

The CBO was issued following an investigation by Thames Valley Police.

*Source of article : Thames Valley Police ‘latest news’.

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