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Opinion : Are you ready for Christmas?

| December 20, 2019


Once again Christmas is drawing near.

As usual at this time of year the shops are trying make us spend as much money as possible, indeed this coming weekend the car parks in the town centre are likely to be full to capacity and everyone will be rushing around to get last minute items before Christmas Day.

In amongst all the hustle and bustle sadly it seems there is very little thought being put to the actual reason as to why we celebrate Christmas.

Is anyone thinking of the birth of Christ and the light he brought into the world? It seems that commercialisation, profit and self overindulgence have taken over in the modern world. What a shame.

This year my good self is going to spend some time thinking of others and doing good rather than just concentrating on one’s self.

Yes, there will be a large turkey dinner. Yes, the table will be laid with some of the finest silverware not to mention my antique dinner service which is over 150 years old. Yes, we will all eat to excess. And yes, some of my closest friends will be invited to join me at the table for a gargantuan meal in the dining room at my ancestral home.

But rather than waste money on presents for people who fail to give me a reciprocal gift, this year yours truly has decided to donate the money that would have been spent on the presents to help others who are less fortunate than myself.

If only people thought of others at this time of year rather than themselves just think how much better the world would be? In my opinion it’s a shame that sadly our modern society has a ‘me, mine and myself’ attitude and too many people take time to consider others.

Do you think Jesus would have shut himself away eating a large meal and being merry with friends? I think it’s very unlikely.

Years ago at this time of year Christmas decorations or trees could be seen through the windows of nearly every house in the town, sadly in some parts of town only a handful of homes have them this year. What’s more traditions like carol singers have gone the same way as the children who used to make guy on bonfire night.

Yours truly is wondering if the spirit of Christmas is dying out and in reality has Christmas become diminished as a festival in our society. Maybe this time of year should be renamed as the ‘winter holiday’ rather than Christmas?

Anyway, that’s probably enough from my good self for now. After all there’s all the cleaning, dusting and preparations to be made for the large dinner party that my good self will be hosting over Christmas this year.

My extra tall 8ft Christmas tree is standing proudly in my drawing room and this year I’ve bought enough food to feed twenty people. I just hope it’s enough after all its likely that I shall attempt to eat the equivalent of three portions of food that a normal person would eat.

What do you think?

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