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Opinion : Is Brexit only worth 50p?

| January 30, 2020

Have you heard about the special 50p coin that is being minted to coincide with Brexit?

In modern times has anything happened in our country as divisive as Brexit? It has split a country, polarised opinions and will potentially see significant change coming to the UK.

It’s too late to stop it now, indeed Brexit is going to happen whether you wanted it or not and the UK will leap into either a certain or uncertain future depending on your opinion of Brexit.

There have been several ideas floated to mark one of the biggest changes in the UK since we joined the EU on Monday 1st January 1973.

At one time there were plans for ‘Big Ben to Bong for Brexit’ however it seems that ‘Big Ben’ has been taken apart for maintenance work and there is no chance of it ‘Bonging for Brexit’.

In my opinion the fact that ‘Big Ben is in Bits for Brexit’ just about sums up the whole Brexit process. What does it say about our country and it’s future if the great and the good can’t even get what could be considered our national bell to ring for such an important event?

However it does seem that a specially minted 50p coin is going to enter circulation to mark the day the UK leaves the EU.

But hang on, why choose a special 50p piece to mark such an important event. Surely such an important event deserved a whole £1 and not half a pound?

Some may say that using a 50p coin and not the whole pound shows that the UK’s commitment to Brexit is only 50%?

Maybe the 50p is to represent the almost 50% split in the original 2016 referendum vote?

If Brexit goes wrong perhaps, in the future, the other 50p of the pound will be a coin specially minted to commemorate our rejoining the EU at a date in the future as yet unspecified?

In my opinion it would have been better to have issued a commemorative £20 note for Brexit. Not only is the £20 the most commonly used bank note but a purchase of something valued at £20 shows a significant amount of commitment, well forty times more that a 50p anyway.

A friend recently described the special Brexit 50p to me as a ‘tramp tip’, or in more politically correct terminology a coin they would give to someone begging on the pavement thus showing the low value they put on a coin of such denomination.

It seems the new 50p will bear the wording ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’.

In my opinion it’s all well and good wishing ‘Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations’ but what about our nation at it embarks on a journey into the uncharted? Surely it’s the UK that needs the good wishes at the current time and not all the other nations?

What do you think?

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