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New heavy-duty excavators for Buckinghamshire’s Household Recycling Centres

| March 6, 2020

Nine new heavy-duty excavators are to be deployed at the Household Recycling Centres run by Buckinghamshire County Council.

In addition to the new excavators five new roll-on-roll-off transporters will make sure waste and recycled materials from the recycling centres reach the correct destination.

Bill Chapple OBE, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment at Buckinghamshire County Council, said the new heavy-duty excavators, one for each recycling centre in Buckinghamshire, are used to compact waste in containers, to minimise change over delays and allowing residents to use the waste containers for longer.

The five roll-on-roll-off transporters will speed the process of getting full skips to compost and recycling destinations, or the Greatmoor Energy from Waste centre as well as bringing empty skips back.

The vehicles are being purchased at a cost of £1.8 million instead of entering a more expensive leasing arrangement helping towards annual savings of £1.2m across the waste management service.

The new vehicles have the latest Euro VI engines with Adblue exhaust systems to make them more efficient and reduce emissions. They will be fitted with real-time monitoring systems that allow the County Council to track and improve fuel efficiency.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire County Council.

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