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Opinion : Schools not out for Coronavirus (yet)?

| March 13, 2020


So the schools are to remain open despite the UK moving to the ‘delay’ phase of the plan to tackle the Coronavirus.

However there are those who think the schools should be closed now indeed a petition has been started asking the Government to ‘Close Schools/Colleges down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19‘. At the time or writing over 413,500 people had signed it.

In my humble opinion it’s probably best to keep the schools open at the moment. After all if the children are given what would probably be a very early start to their summer holidays can you imagine the chaos there would be?

No doubt very soon the little ones would be fed up staying in and they would venture into Wycombe town centre coughing, sneezing and spreading the virus to everyone else.

If the schools are closed then, in my opinion, the law needs to be changed to ensure that children have to stay at home and can’t simply go out and about with parents and friends into the town. Should they do so then, due to the seriousness of the situation, there would need to be a very severe penalty on both the children and the parents.

If children can spread the virus then surely it raises the question if they should be out and about in the town centre during the weekends now. After all the last thing one wants is to catch Covid-19 from a youngster while trying to check the supermarkets to see if they have any toilet rolls in stock yet.

In my view rather than closing schools the children should currently be banned from public spaces, shops and the town centres thus making them effectively self-isolate to protect the wider population.

Let’s see the teachers set a large amount of compulsory home work to keep the little beauties busy during the long months of the school summer holidays or any potential school shut-downs should they happen.

Perhaps, if the situation permits, the schools could even stay open during the summer thus cancelling out the summer holiday altogether?

What do you think?

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