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Opinion : Should health workers get a pay increase during the Covid crisis?

| March 21, 2020


The Covid crisis means the country needs the NHS and its medical staff now more than ever.

Soon, if the Government predictions are correct, the hospitals of the UK will be overwhelmed with patients many of whom may need urgent critical care if they suffer the full ravages of the deadly new virus.

So far the Government has announced a range of support measures for businesses and workers at companies including a suspension of business rates, mortgage holidays and support of up to 80% of workers pay of they are unable to work.

But what about the dedicated doctors, nurses and care workers who are potentially risking their lives caring for patients suffering from the Covid-19 virus?

What about the care workers at residential nursing homes and the like who are looking after high risk groups such as elderly residents? Many of these workers are earning close to the national minimum wage yet they are taking care of the most vulnerable in society.

Surely those at the front line of the Covid crisis should be given a temporary pay increases to recognise their dedication to duty and the risks they are taking on a daily basis?

In my opinion the Government is splashing the support cash in all the the wrong directions and it’s about time those who are battling at the front line of the crisis were supported too.

What do you think?

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