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Opinion : How many cases of Coronavirus are there really?

| April 2, 2020


There is an old saying that goes along the lines of ‘Truth is the first casualty when war is declared’.

It was widely reported in the world news that when the Coronavirus first appeared in China the authorities tried to suppress the news.

Indeed even today there are reports in the national press that question whether China is revealing the true figures in relation to the number of people who have died during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The current pandemic is effectively a war and it appears that, as the saying goes, in some instances the truth may have been a casualty too.

Here in Buckinghamshire the current official figures for the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus stand at just 195. With the figures come a disclaimer along the lines that not all those with the virus will have been tested so the figure may be higher.

We are all being told that the Covid-19 virus is highly contagious yet there are just 195 confirmed cases in Buckinghamshire. To me this figure seems very low.

There are also reports in the national media that suggest the numbers across the country may be much higher than the official figures with some publication suggesting that around 1,700,000 people have said they have had coronavirus in the last two weeks.

My good self know of quite a few people who have suffered symptoms of Covid-19 in the time preceding the lock down. Thankfully all those people have recovered fully.

So are we being told the truth? My good self fears not.

Indeed in my opinion the pitifully low figures are so low that not even Kim Jong-Bungle would publish them as people would see they are not right as it’s clear they are too low. Especially with the preparations being made to treat the ill with new hospitals with up to 4,000 beds being created in parts of the country.

If we are to get out of the lock down then in my view the only way is for mass testing to take place to see just how many people really have had Covid-19 and have recovered so they will no longer be affected.

Sadly Britain is managing just 8,000 tests in a day while Germany is doing 100,000. Perhaps this is one reason why the virus detection figures are so low?

My good self fears the country’s response to the virus is pitiful.

First there was the notion that appeared to be to let the virus run wild so we all got ‘heard immunity’ but when the consequences of that policy were realised there was a U-turn to a different approach. Then a confused lock down was ordered during which police have put dye in lakes to stop people swimming in them and advised shops not to sell Easter eggs.

Indeed what is to be expected when our own glorious leader goes on national television to tell us to wash our hands, stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives but just a few days later they succumb to the virus themselves?

Not even Kim Jong-Bungle would have been silly enough to go down with the very virus they had been on TV to tell everyone how to avoid!

What do you think?

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