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Opinion : When the ‘lock down’ ends will life return to normal?

| April 14, 2020

Being unable to go out has some advantages.

For example over the Easter weekend my good self decided to do some spring cleaning at my ancestral home.

It’s amazing what you find tucked away when doing a good clean. Behind a chair in my drawing room there were some used bus tickets, how on earth did they get there?

Yours truly picked up the tickets and thought, ‘Ah, that was when my good self used to travel on the bus. It seems such a long time ago now. People would queue up at the bus station, pay the driver and get a ride home, to the shops or wherever they wanted to go‘.

Of course at the moment people are staying at home and the tickets were a gentle reminder of how life used to be before the dreaded virus arrived and changed the world literally overnight.

The Government enforced lock down may still be in force, however surely one day it will be relaxed or even lifted? While the lock down is certain to go away the virus will still be around.

While the great and the good speculate on dates for the lifting of the lock down it was interesting to read an article on a national news site that suggested ‘… ministers fear terrified public will not leave their homes and return to normal life even if they ease curbs‘.

Apparently, according to the aforementioned news article, many people will still stay at home even when the lock down is lifted in case they catch the dreaded virus and become unwell.

With no antibody testing regime in place nobody knows for sure if they have immunity to the Covid virus. A trip to the shops will effectively turn into a game of Russian roulette, if you happen to come across a Covid carrier while you are out you may well end up loosing your life.

For example, suppose my good self rushed into town when the lock down ends and decided to go for a trip on the No. 32 bus. If a Covid carrier was in the queue at the bus station and they sneezed my good self may as well have been waiting for the No. 999 express service to the cemetery via the hospital.

In pre-Covid times people would sit outside cafes and pubs in the town centre enjoying themselves. I wonder how many people would do that now if there was the possibility of catching Covid from a passer by?

With the newfangled home delivery services and methods of paying bills through the interweb my good self fears for the future of the town centre and the businesses who rely on ‘face to face’ contact.

It will be interesting to see if the aforementioned news article is correct and people will prefer to remain in their homes rather than go out into the big wide, virus filled, world.

So, let me ask you, ‘When the lock down is lifted will you be rushing out into the town centre and living life like it was before the virus came or will you be more careful and spend more time at home?

What do you think?

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