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Opinion : When should the lock down end?

| April 20, 2020

When should the lock down end?

After watching several of the daily ‘briefings’ from the Government my good self has become amazed at the apparent silliness of the questions being asked by members of the press.

It’s almost certain that someone will say something along the lines of ‘When will the lock down end?‘. Of course nobody knows! Surely asking the same repetitive questions, albeit in many different ways, is surely totally pointless?

Then the questions seem to descend into thinly veiled criticisms of the way the Government has handled certain things. Of course the person responding politely appears to ‘dodge’ the question with a long winded answer that tells us everything apart from a blunt answer to the initial question.

In my view the daily briefings have become painfully tedious to watch. Maybe my good self should be invited to ask a few questions to liven things up a bit?

So let me ask the question everyone wants an answer to namely, when should the lock down end?

At the moment there are still cases being reported in Buckinghamshire so it looks like the official lock down won’t be ending in the immediate future.

In my opinion the lock down should end only when there are zero cases of the dreaded virus reported in the UK for seven consecutive days. At that point the whole country could re-open and life could go on as normal risk free.

Don’t forget England, Scotland and Wales make an ‘island nation’ and we can separate ourselves from the rest of the world.

Should we not be considering taking advantage of our island status and tucking ourselves away until the rest of the world is clear of Covid too?

In my view we should be stopping all incoming passenger flights and closing the sea surrounding our island to prevent boats carrying potentially infected passengers from entering.

From what my untrained eye can see, if there is so much as one case of Covid in the community when the lock down is lifted then surely it will spread and we will be back to square one with another lock down on the horizon?

Some are asking when the schools will reopen?

In my opinion, if the great and the good decide to open the schools too soon then surely the virus will simply spread between households with children as the main agents of transmission? How on earth could ‘social distancing’ be implemented in a school full of children? Indeed the very thought must surely be bonkers?

It was also interesting to read an article that appeared on a national news site today that showed some research hinting that ‘air pollution may be a ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths‘.

If the research is right and the lock down ends while Covid is still in the community then perhaps cities like London can only safely re-open if traffic and other polluting entities are banned from city centres?

Even when the lock down is officially lifted my good self may well decide to stay ‘locked down voluntarily’ for a few days extra just to make sure. Indeed the last thing one wants is to be the first casualty of the second front.

What do you think?

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