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Opinion : Is it wise to open the recycling centres and risk a ‘rush to the dump’?

| May 2, 2020


Have you got a lot of extra waste that needs taking to the local tip?

Well, my good self certainly has. Indeed being locked down at my ancestral home for the past few weeks has resulted in several bags of household waste mounting up. Then of course there is the garden waste….

It was such a shame the garden waste service was suspended just at the time the gardeners of the town needed it most. With so many people trying to grown their own food to aid self-sufficiency the loss of the garden waste collection service was a real blow.

Thankfully, according to an article that appeared in the news section of this site recently, green waste collections in Buckinghamshire are to restart from Monday 11th May 2020. However the Household Recycling Centres won’t be opening immediately as it seems Government approval is needed first.

So, as my good self sees it the situation is like this. Lots of people have a bit of extra waste they would like to get rid of, but their local dump is closed. However one day soon it will re-open and everyone will nip off to the dump to get rid of the waste.

But won’t there be a big rush to the tip which could lead to the spread of the dreaded lurgy?

In parts of the country where the household recycling centres have opened there has indeed been a rush to the dump and queues have formed as described in an article from a national news site headlined ‘Queues build as Manchester tips reopen‘.

Yours truly pities the workers at the recycling centres as surely exposure to so many people would surely increase their risks of contracting the illness?

In my opinion before opening the recycling centres it would be far better to give everyone an extra ‘one off’ black bin waste collection and possibly an extra green bin collection too – even if it meant collecting the bins during the night. That way there would be no ‘rush to the dump’ and the extra waste could be collected safely using the normal roadside collections.

So will my good self be rushing to the dump when it opens? Well, there’s no way yours truly is going there. Let the others go and expose themselves to the brave new world. Your humble servant will stay at home safe in the knowledge that my exposure to the lurgy is a minimal as possible.

What do you think?

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