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Figures show increase in assaults on police officers in the Thames Valley during the Coronavirus outbreak

| May 19, 2020

Figures published by Thames Valley Police show an increase in assaults on officers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Monday 18th May 2020, Thames Valley Police released figures which showe an increase in the level of assaults on officers during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The figures show there were 198 assaults on officers between March 2020 and April 2020. 50 of the assaults involved an officer being spat at, coughed at or even bitten.

However during the same period last year figures show there were 158 assaults between March 2019 and April 2019.

Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police John Campbell, said: ‘We are hugely grateful and thankful to the overwhelming majority of the Thames Valley public who have been complying with the new Coronavirus legislation and helping to save lives and being hugely generous and respectful of our officers.

However these figures show that a minority think it acceptable to assault our officers.

To spit, cough or bite an officer or emergency service worker is despicable at any time but in the current situation with Coronavirus it is even more deplorable.

As a Force we will not tolerate any assault of our officers or assaults on other emergency service workers, we will fully investigate and we will work closely with the Crown Prosecution to bring the offenders to justice.

The welfare of our officers and staff is vitally important, anyone who has been subjected to being bitten, spat or coughed at, or if they have been assaulted in another way, is being supported by the force with a comprehensive welfare support plan.

*Source of article : Thames Valley Police ‘latest news’.

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