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Household Recycling Centres in Buckinghamshire reach their ‘new normal’

| June 10, 2020

The Household Recycling Centres in Buckinghamshire have now reached their ‘new normal’.

On Friday 29th May 2020 the remaining four household recycling centres in Buckinghamshire were reopened using local traffic control schemes to manage any queuing. The full recycling centre network in Buckinghamshire has now been running for over a week and has settled into its ‘new normal’ mode of operating.

However sites can only provide half their usual number of parking spaces due to the social distancing requirements. Despite this, across the whole network visitor numbers are only down 20% from usual levels for this time of year.

The high level of service is possible because people are finding less busy times when there’s some spare capacity and they’re also sorting their waste beforehand so that each visit doesn’t take so long.

Bill Chapple OBE, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change, said: ‘Our household recycling centres welcomed 70,000 visitors in May, and I’d like to thank residents for adapting to the ‘new normal’ when they visit: for being patient when queuing is necessary, for respecting staff, and for maintaining social distancing when at the site.

As this is how the sites will be operating for the foreseeable future, I’d ask people to please be considerate of local residents and businesses, and do their best to avoid times when queues build up and might cause inconvenience – we publish current waiting times for each site on the relevant website page. It’s especially important that people avoid queuing when it might cause a traffic hazard to other road users – please come back another time, or go to a different site if that’s possible.

Further information on the Household Recycling Centres in Buckinghamshire and details on how to check site waiting times at the sites can be found on the Buckinghamshire Council website.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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