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Network of cycling and walking routes to be developed around High Wycombe

| July 27, 2020

A network of cycling and walking routes is to be developed around High Wycombe.

Plans to develop a network of cycling and walking routes around High Wycombe took their first step today on Monday 27th July 2020 with the launch of a travel survey to find out how people currently get around the area.

The results of the survey will help Buckinghamshire Council develop a long term Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan to encourage and support active travel in the town.

The initial research stage will chart people’s current travel habits, ask why they use their chosen means of transport and collect their thoughts about walking and cycling in High Wycombe now and in the future.

The project will examine gaps and barriers in the local transport network, explore opportunities for cycling and walking along key travel corridors, and identify projects that could be done quickly, as well as consider longer term aspirations.

In addition to the plan, a study will look at opportunities for a sustainable travel link between Handy Cross hub and Daws Hill.

Anyone wishing to complete the survey can do so until Monday 17th August 2020 on the Buckinghamshire Council website at https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/integrated-transport/hw-lcwip-baseline.

Nick Naylor, Cabinet Member for Transport at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘I know High Wycombe is hilly, but you still see many people cycling and walking, especially during lockdown in recent months.

This is about making meaningful investment to provide an improved network and encourage more people to take up healthier means of travel.

We want to make High Wycombe a more accessible area for residents and visitors, so it’s important that people take part in this survey so that we catch their thoughts, opinions and feedback.

The Council aims to produce the plan by early 2021. When finished, it will guide negotiations with developers and help funding applications to support improvements to walking and cycling in High Wycombe.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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