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Opinion : To lockdown, or not to lockdown, that is the question

| October 15, 2020

It seems the second wave of the Covid catastrophe is about to grip the nation.

Indeed there have been sharp rises in the official Coronavirus figures for Buckinghamshire over the past few days and at the time of writing they show over 3,000 recorded cases of the virus in our county.

Of course the figures are likely to be well under the actual number of cases as the majority of people with the virus show very little symptoms so it goes unnoticed and unreported in many cases.

The actions being taken by the Government to tackle the virus are changing so often that my good self is finding it hard to keep up with what the latest guidance is.

With all the rules of six, 10.00pm pub closures, a three-tiered ‘traffic light’ system of restrictions and talk of ‘circuit breaker’ lock downs your humble servant is left puzzled and bemused at what one should be doing.

Indeed when the ‘rule of six’ was introduced I though it meant that we could only go outside if we were in groups of six and yours truly started looking for five other people to venture into the town with me!

In my opinion the wacky rules are coming so fast and frequent that my good self wonders if the great and the good dreaming them up actually know what they are doing.

Now there is talk of a circuit breaker lockdown to try to stop the virus spreading. As unemployment rises to 1980’s levels it seems that another 80’s phrase, namely the ‘short, sharp, shock‘, is once again being talked of except this time it’s a short, sharp shock‘ to the virus in the form of a lockdown to get the virus back under control.

If there was to be a nationwide ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown then surely the time to do it would be during half term towards the end of October 2020? An extended two week half term break where everyone stayed indoors would certainly hit the spread of the virus. But surely it will come back again given enough time?

It now seems there are those who think the country should be locked down and there are those who think not. So the question is ‘To lockdown, or not lockdown?’

In my view there should be a general country wide lockdown to hit the virus hard and after the lockdown the powers that be should be considering if certain sections of the economy that could possibly lead to a spread of the virus should remain open. Surely protecting the ‘core’ sections of the economy is more important than trying to open everything?

Covid-19 is a virus that is likely to be with us for a very long time so surely the country needs a long-term strategic plan to combat it rather than wish-washy measures that change on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

Our distant ancestors must have faced a similar situation when what we know today as the common cold first made its appearance, did they impose ‘lock downs’ or ‘rules of six’ all those years ago?

What do you think?

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