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Opinion : So this is lockdown 2.0?

| November 7, 2020

Once again Wycombe is in a form of ‘lockdown’.

However this time we are under what is being called ‘national restrictions’ rather than the blunt term of a ‘lockdown’.

With the ‘national restrictions’ come a lot of rules, which can be viewed at the following link : https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

By George! There are so many rules and regulations as part of the new ‘national restrictions’ it amazes me that ‘staying at home’ and ‘staying away from others’ could be made so complicated!

But when one reads the ‘restrictions’ it seems there is an awful lot you can actually do. My good self can go the shops to get food, go to work (if one can’t work at home), take as much exercise as needed and your humble servant can still keep up-to-date with the aftermath from the American election. For those with families their children can still go to school or nursery.

In fact when my good self reads the ‘restrictions’ it seems that I can do most, if not all, of the things that I normally do.

Sadly it seems that some of the figures used to justify the ‘restrictions’ have proven to be incorrect and prediction of 1,500 deaths a day by early December 2021 have been revised downwards dramatically.

With the basis for the ‘restrictions’ undermined my good self is left wondering why the country is still being ‘restricted’ to such an extent and why those who concocted such wildly wrong figures are still able to carry on in their roles after making such a Charlie of themselves plunging the country in ‘lockdown 2.0’?

So what will the ‘restrictions’ actually achieve? With the lifestyles of people, like my good self, not actually being ‘restricted’ at all?

If children still go to school surely the virus will spread between households via the youngsters at school and the parents coming into contact with each other when they collect their children from the school gate?

In my opinion the restrictions are pointless and only serve to boost the egos of those in control who are exercising their powers to suppress the people.

So when will the ‘restrictions’ end?

In my opinion the end of the ‘restrictions’ will be determined by whether on not there is a Brexit trade deal with the EU, indeed the use of ‘restrictions’ to control the virus may possibly be a ‘red herring’ and in actual fact the ‘restrictions’ are there to keep the masses ‘under control’ if there is no trade deal resulting in shortages in the shops.

So how will the ‘restrictions’ affect the prosperity of Wycombe generally?

In my view the ‘restrictions’ won’t have much effect at all, indeed Wycombe has been suffering ‘restrictions’ for years thanks to daft ‘improvement schemes’ like the ‘Masterplan’ which has played havoc with traffic in the town centre and through parts of town, like Frogmoor, being left rot.

In my opinion rather than the people being ‘restricted’ perhaps it’s those at the powers that be, both local and nationally, who need ‘restricting’ so our town can be free of the ridiculous ‘improvement’ schemes and the national ‘lockdowns’ brought in with dodgy figures.

What do you think?

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