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Opinion : Have you received your home Covid-antibody test yet?

| November 26, 2020

Earlier in the year there was lots of talk about a home antibody test for the Covid virus.

Indeed the antibody test was, at the time, being hailed as something that could ‘set us free’ with immunity passports for those who have antibodies and are therefore apparently immune from the virus.

However the scene has shifted and now the hot topic is the use of vaccines to combat the virus.

Firstly let me make it clear that my good self is not a doctor, indeed my medical knowledge barely goes to the application of a sticking plaster.

However yours truly is puzzled by a question, namely if someone has antibodies to the virus then why would they need to be vaccinated after all surely the antibodies should be enough to protect them?

Indeed an article published on a national news site recently hinted that Covid-antibodies last at least six months. Note the use of the term ‘at least six months’, obviously with such a new virus only by allowing time to pass does one know how long the antibodies actually last.

Looking back at the way the powers that be have handled things over the course of the pandemic, the decisions they have made and the numerous U-turns, my good self is now of the opinion that it has been one huge bungle.

With so many bad decisions made in the past how can we rely on the decisions that will be made in the future?

Surely antibodies are as important as vaccinations in the return to normal life? For example if someone doesn’t have the antibodies then they need a vaccination and vice versa?

We hear about vaccines being 95% effective but it would be interesting to know what happens when someone with antibodies is vaccinated? My good self would also be interested to know how many of those who took part in the vaccine trials had antibodies in their system before they started the trial. Sadly this information seems hard to find.

What really upsets me is that the world is being shut down with various local and national ‘restrictions’ while many in society will have ‘antibodies’ in their system making them immune from the effects of the virus.

Sadly it seems the concept of antibody tests has been forgotten and tossed to the wind in favour of vaccinations that will bolster the profits of the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines.

Of course in a totalitarian society the powers that be want the population to be ‘restricted’. If we were living in an open and free society surely the powers that be would be allowing as many people as possible to live a normal life and the antibody test combined with an antibody ‘immunity passport’ would be part of life by now.

Have you received a Home Covid-antibody test yet because I haven’t….

What do you think?

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