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New facility for patients recovering from Covid-19 opens in Buckinghamshire

| December 7, 2020

A new recovery facility for Covid-19 patients opened in Buckinghamshire on Monday 7th December 2020.

The facility at Amersham Hospital will be used to care for up to 14 individuals who are medically fit to be discharged from hospital but are still testing positive for Covid-19.

As a result of they would be unable to return to their care home or regular home if they live with someone classed as vulnerable.

The patients will be placed under the care of their regular GP and the facility will be staffed by a team of nurses with additional social care support where needed.

As the patients are still testing positive for Covid-19 they will not be allowed to receive visitors but plans are being put into place for tablets and other items to be made available for patients to keep in touch with their loved ones.

The facility is funded by NHS England. Patients will be discharged from the facility within 48 hours of a negative Covid-19 test.

Angela Macpherson, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care at Buckinghamshire Council said: ‘Having this facility allows us to free up hospital beds for those who need them whilst still being able to provide care and support for individuals who may be well enough to return home but unfortunately cannot due to the risk they pose to others.

Working with our partners across the integrated care partnership we are able to provide a seamless and dedicated facility for those who need it.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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