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Opinion : The Christmas party is over now Buckinghamshire is in Tier 4

| December 20, 2020


Sadly Christmas 2020 has been ‘cancelled’ with Buckinghamshire now placed under Tier 4 restrictions.

My good self is fuming, indeed I am positively livid at the timing of the decision to put the whole of Buckinghamshire into Tier 4.

Don’t get me wrong, yours truly is not against taking measures to control the spread of the dreaded virus, it’s the timing of the announcement of the decision, namely during the evening of the last Saturday before Christmas, that infuriates me.

No doubt many people and families will have been busy shopping during the day on Saturday 19th December 2020 getting in supplies for the festive celebrations. Then later during the evening the announcement is made that Christmas is ‘cancelled’.

Apparently the powers that be have cited a ‘mutant’ variant of the Covid-19 virus which spreads quicker as the reason for the imposition of the Tier 4 restrictions.

However, according to a national news site, the ‘mutant’ variation of the virus was known about as early as September 2020.

So why wasn’t Christmas cancelled days ago before everyone went out shopping?

My good self was organising a big Christmas dinner for selected friends indeed yours truly was catering for up to 15 people as can be seen from the picture (above) of the turkey which your humble servant had purchased for the gargantuan dinner.

So what is one supposed to do with the extra large turkey and all the trimmings now? What about the extra large Christmas cakes and Yule logs? How can I thaw out just one portion of the 15 serving frozen turkey?

It looks like my good self is going to have to eat it all myself. After consuming all that lot I’m either going to be the world record holder for the person who ate the most turkey dinners on Christmas day or I’m going to be taken away in an ambulance after suffering a massive heart attack!

In my opinion delaying the decision to cancel Christmas until most people had already made preparations is abhorrent especially as people were allowed to spend their hard earned money at a time when finances are under pressure due to the pandemic. Indeed yours truly feels the lateness of the announcement has effectively put the profits of the shops before the people which is shameful.

What do you think?

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