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Improvements completed to the Buckinghamshire Council Waste Transfer Station in Aylesbury

| March 21, 2021

Ribbon cutting to mark the new Waste Transfer Station in Pembroke Road, Aylesbury. L to R: Rebecca Newbutt, Amy Bridgford, Cllr Sir Beville Stanier, Cllr Bill Chapple OBE Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change and Martin Dickman. (Image supplied by Buckinghamshire Council)

Planned improvements to Buckinghamshire Council’s Waste Transfer Station at Pembroke Road, Aylesbury are now complete.

Following a £9.2 million total investment, the redevelopment project of Aylesbury’s Waste Transfer Station has both enhanced capacity enabling the site to cater for and accommodate future growth within Buckinghamshire and provided an upgraded, safer environment for frontline workers.

One of the main purposes of the Pembroke Road site is to provide the waste collection vehicles somewhere to transfer recyclable materials and items collected from over 88,000 households in the north of the county. These items are stored at the Waste Transfer Station before being transferred to Casepak’s Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) in Leicester to be sorted, separated, and made into new products.

From Monday 15th March, 2021 recycling collected in the north of Buckinghamshire will be tipped into the new state-of-the-art waste transfer building.

Along with increasing the site’s capacity to help cater for future growth in Buckinghamshire, the development has also seen significant fire detection and suppression investment due to the risk of fire within the waste industry. Buckinghamshire Council would like to remind residents that recycling small electricals and batteries safely and keeping them out of waste and recycling bins is an important way to avoid contributing to waste related fire risks.

The site is also home to a new and improved vehicle workshop which has been operating since September 2020. The workshop allows Buckinghamshire Council to service and repair its own recycling, waste and Street Scene vehicles, meaning work can be carried out on site in a timely manner with minimal disruption to the service. The workshop also carries out all taxi MOTs and inspections making it an extremely valuable local facility.

Buckinghamshire Council has worked closely with contractor Morgan Sindall between each stage of the redevelopment to ensure works carried out at Pembroke Road were efficient and timely with minimal disruption to services. Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the construction industry, some of the work on site was slightly postponed, however, there was no noticeable effect on the household recycling and waste collection service.

Bill Chapple OBE, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: ‘Upgrading the outdated site and future proofing the site for housing growth was paramount for Buckinghamshire Council.

The new state-of-the-art Waste Transfer Station will also be instrumental for the waste service to more efficiently deliver its operations and safely store recyclable materials until they’re transferred to the MRF. The re-development has been a two-and-a-half-year project and all operations on site have remained fully functional throughout.

I would like to say thank you to everyone involved for the way they have proactively adapted to the work on site to continue to deliver an undisrupted recycling and waste collection service for our residents.

Cllr Sir Beville Stanier, who helped to set up the project initially, commented: ‘I’m delighted to see that the hard work and planning that went into the original stages of this redevelopment are now complete. It’s a great achievement for Buckinghamshire Council and will help to serve residents as the county continues to grow.

Further information on Buckinghamshire Council’s recycling and waste service can be found on the Buckinghamshire Council website at www.buckinghamshire.gov.uk/bin-collection-recycling-and-waste.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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