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Opinion : Was it worth voting in the recent local government elections?

| May 10, 2021

The local government elections have taken place and the results announced, but was it worth voting?

As regular readers will know my good self is rather disillusioned with the whole process of local government and what it has achieved for our town.

Those who remember Wycombe in the halcyon days of the 1970’s (and before) will no doubt see the differences between the town of yesteryear and the town of today.

Sadly, in my view, the town has changed for the worse with poor decisions by the local powers that be a chief cause of the decline.

So will the elections held on Thursday 6th May 2021 make any difference to our town and its prosperity? Sadly I fear not.

In my opinion these are the key things that need doing to make Wycombe great again :

  • Restore Frogmoor to its former early 20th Century glory with a fountain and gardens.
  • Encourage large scale industry in to the town and build factories rather than houses to create jobs.
  • Outlaw bonfires in residential areas to prevent pollution and so residents can enjoy being outdoors.
  • Clamp down on illegal street traders, particularly dodgy car dealers who fill roads with untaxed cars that have no MOT’s.
  • Crack down on illegal houses of multiple occupancy, especially those causing nuisance in their local neighbourhoods.

Sadly, after seeing the results of the recent election, my good self fears that none of the issues listed above will even be thought about let alone tackled.

In 2020 there may have been a re-organisation of local government in Buckinghamshire however in my view what has been created is merely a continuation of the previous regime.

So, as an ordinary citizen, what does my good self think will happen over the next few years following the recent local government elections? Well, I think there may be:

  • More buildings in Wycombe town centre converted into cafes and restaurants.
  • Traffic lights installed at yet more junctions in High Wycombe.
  • Aylesbury will receive massive investment while the other towns in Buckinghamshire are left behind.
  • A trial of electrically powered unicycles (bikes with one wheel) aimed at enabling elderly residents to get about town more easily.
  • All the lay-bys on the A413 will be closed after a contractor working for HS2 is found to be eating their lunch there and to make matters worse their sandwiches contained the wrong type of pickle.

Sadly yours truly fears that very little will be done to improve Wycombe or the quality of life in the residential areas.

So, let’s go back to the question in the title of the opinion blog. ‘Was it worth voting in the recent local government elections?‘.

Of course it was worth voting, indeed our ancestors went to war to ensure we live in a democracy, but sadly there was no point in voting because, in my opinion, after seeing the outcome of the election very little will change for the better and the stagnation that has gripped the town over recent years is set to continue.

What do you think?

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