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Change in cardboard recycling collections in the South Bucks area of Buckinghamshire

| August 25, 2021

One of the new cardboard and paper 44L recycling boxes. (Image supplied by Buckinghamshire Council)

There is soon to be a change in the operation of cardboard recycling collections in South Bucks area of Buckinghamshire.

Recycling cardboard is about to get even easier for residents living in the South Bucks area as they will no longer need to separate their paper and cardboard into two separate containers.

Residents are being asked to put both into a new 44L recycling box which will start being delivered to homes across the South Bucks area from Tuesday 31st August 2021, with deliveries expected to be completed within a few weeks.

Buckinghamshire Council wants residents to start using their new recycling box for both paper and card, as soon as it arrives.

A leaflet will be delivered inside the box explaining what items should and shouldn’t be put into the box for recycling. For example, food contaminated paper/cardboard, such as pizza boxes, kitchen paper and paper towels should all go straight into the general rubbish.

From Monday 1st November 2021, blue-lidded bins containing cardboard, will no longer be emptied.

In the case of larger items which cannot fit into the box, they can be folded down and flattened and left beside the box for collection, or be taken directly to one of the local Household Recycling Centres.

The new box will continue to be collected alongside the blue-lidded bin (recycling week), and can contain cereal boxes, catalogues, envelopes, junk mail, magazines, newspaper, office paper, yellow pages, greeting cards (plain card only, no glitter), cardboard packaging, including boxes, egg boxes and kitchen/toilet rolls holders.

Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘We’re really lucky in Buckinghamshire, our residents are great at recycling and go to a lot of effort to make sure the correct items are put in the correct bins.

We hope that this small change will make recycling even quicker and easier for those in South Bucks. It will also align the service we provide residents across the southern areas of Buckinghamshire which will all be collected by the same contractor from 1 November [2021].

I’d like to stress that from that date, blue-lidded bins won’t be collected if they contain cardboard, so please, don’t get caught out.

If you’re not sure which item goes into which container, we have a really helpful online ‘waste wizard’ tool. You simply type in what you need to dispose of, and it will tell you how and where to do it. It’s available on our website at: recycleforbuckinghamshire.co.uk/waste-wizard.

Recycling and rubbish collection days can be checked on the Buckinghamshire Council website at buckinghamshire.gov.uk.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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