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Community in High Wycombe comes together at Ramadan

| April 19, 2022

Mark Brown (Chair of the Co-Operative Party Buckinghamshire), Trevor Snaith (Former Mayor of High Wycomhe), Imam of Wycombe Mosque (Dressed in black). (Image supplied by the Co-Operative Party Buckinghamshire)

Wycombe Mosque in Jubilee Road hosted a community Iftar to break the Ramadan fast on Saturday 16th April 2022.

During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims fast during day light hours, at dusk they break their fast with a meal called Iftar. The community Iftar was a chance for people from to visit the Mosque and understand what Ramadan means.

People, who came from all over Buckinghamshire, heard a great speech from the Imam telling people about the Mosque and its history. They were then shown around the building and met and chatted with members of the congregation and staff.

Mark Brown, who was there representing the Co-Operative Party in Buckinghamshire, said: ‘This is a fantastic event and a great way to break down barriers in our community’. Brown went on to say: ‘my grandfather was from India, we don’t know exactly where as he grew up in Apartheid South Africa and his records were never kept. Coming here makes me feel a connection to him.

After being shown around the Mosque visitors, including Trevor Snaith the former Mayor of High Wycombe, were treated to the Iftar dinner itself. The Jubilee Road venue laid on a fantastic spread for visitors with all members of the congregation and their families helping out with the meal.

Wycombe Mosque is looking forward to repeating the success of the event in 2023.

*Source of article :Press release from Co-Operative Party Buckinghamshire.

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