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Free May Measure Month blood pressure check-ups at Wycombe Hospital on Friday 20th May 2022

| May 17, 2022

Wycombe Hospital is inviting local residents to roll up their sleeves and drop in for a free blood pressure check-up.

The free blood pressure check-ups will take place at Wycombe Hospital between 10.00am and 2.00pm on Friday 20th May 2022 as part of May Measure Month (MMM).

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT) is partnering with the global screening awareness campaign to highlight the importance of measuring your blood pressure (BP) and to raise awareness in the community of the dangers posed by raised BP (hypertension).

  • What: MMM blood pressure check-ups.
  • When: Friday 20th May 2022 from 10.00am to 2.00pm (no appointment needed).
  • Where: Wycombe Hospital main entrance foyer.
  • Who: Cardiac research staff invite all members of the public over 18 years old to drop in for a test.

The NHS recommends that everyone aged 40 and over should get their blood pressure checked regularly to help prevent the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Nicola Bowers, Clinical Academic Nurse Lead for Integrated Medicine at BHT, said: ‘The simple check just takes a few minutes, and afterwards we’ll give anyone with high blood pressure advice about what they need to do next, such as help with improving diet and lifestyle. High blood pressure is a major preventable cause of death worldwide: if this hidden danger is picked up early, it can be treated successfully and life-threatening events such as stroke and heart attack prevented.

Dr Barry McDonnell, MMM lead for UK and Ireland, said: ‘We are delighted to have Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust partner our May Measure Month blood pressure awareness campaign this year by providing free blood pressure checks, increasing awareness and helping to identify those unaware of their blood pressure in the community. We encourage anyone in the local area to drop in and have their blood pressure checked.

Anyone unable to attend the screening on Friday 20th May 2022 can get their blood pressure tested at a number of places, including: your local GP surgery and some pharmacies. Anyone aged 40 to 74, can have the test done as part of a NHS Health Check which is offered to adults in England every 5 years.

Further information about blood pressure testing can be found on the NHS website.

*Source of article : Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.

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