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Opinion : Is the Princes Risborough Southern Road Link really needed?

| August 2, 2022

It seems Princes Risborough is to get a new ‘Southern Road Link’ to support the planned expansion of the town.

Every time my good self visits Princes Risborough it becomes apparent what a nice place it is. There are no major problems with traffic jams and the town still retains its historic nature while offering thoroughly modern services to all those who visit.

Sadly it seems the powers that be are planning to expand the town and according to an article that appeared on the news section of this site recently a planning application has been submitted for a new Princes Risborough Southern Road Link (PRSRL).

Why is this road link needed? Why does the town needs to be changed? In these times of financial hardship why is public money being wasted on such an unnecessary scheme?

In my opinion the Southern Road Link is to Princes Risborough what HS2 is to Amersham. It’s not needed, not wanted and no more than a scheme of spite to lay ruin to a nice town in Buckinghamshire. Indeed the public money already wasted on the scheme could have been used more wisely at other locations in Buckinghamshire such as rejuvenating the Frogmoor area in High Wycombe.

Whether it be Southern Link Roads, the re-modelling of junctions with traffic lights or crazy ‘Masterplans’ it seems that Southern Buckinghamshire is being hit with one carbuncle of civil engineering after another that is laying waste to our once lovely towns.

In the current economic climate some residents are relying on food banks and struggling to make ends meet in the face of fuel poverty yet, according to the aforementioned news article, £12m has been allocated for the Princes Risborough Southern Road Link, not to mention the waste of public money doing the background work and preparation for the planning application. Why not give the £12m to the public so hunger can be eliminated from the community rather than using it to allow Mr Toad to speed through Princes Risborough in his motor car on his way home to Toad Hall?

In my view schemes like the Princes Risborough Southern Road Link should be subject to a local referendum before they even get off the drawing board.

My good self thought the Government was trying to encourage local participation in the planning process so communities receive changes they want rather than having unwanted schemes imposed on them?

What do you think?

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