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Buckinghamshire Council welcomes planning inspector ruling on Tralee Farm development in Hazlemere

| December 18, 2022

Buckinghamshire Council has welcomed a ruling by the Planning Inspector to dismiss an appeal and refuse planning permission for a development of 101 homes at the Tralee Farm site in Hazlemere.

The inspector also ruled that the council had acted reasonably in making its initial decision not to support the application for the reason that it did not align with the desire to have a cohesive development at the 12.87acre site and that the scheme did not achieve the necessary sense of separation between the areas of Hazlemere and Holmer Green as required by the Policy.

The application for 101 homes was submitted by Inland Homes on the northern part of the site in Hazlemere. A separate application for 290 homes on the southern part of the plot has been submitted by a different developer.

The area of land was allocated for housing development in the 2019 Wycombe District Local Plan and the council is seeking to ensure any building on the site is in line with its vision for a unified development, in keeping with the terms of its planning policy.

Peter Strachan, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘The council is committed to using this land to create much needed housing for the local area but will only accept applications that are in accordance with our planning policy. It is key that all developers are mindful of this.

I hope that this decision will help to reiterate the importance of ensuring that schemes submitted by landowners must meet the requirements of our policy. I look forward to the developers aligning their proposals to bring forward a comprehensive plan across the whole of this site so we can move onwards with the development.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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