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Buckinghamshire Council aims to improve local air quality with £120k grant

| February 24, 2023

Buckinghamshire Council’s Strategic Environmental Protection Team has been awarded £120,000 from the Government Air Quality Grant Scheme to carry out a travel planning and eco-driving project.

The team will be working with local business engagement groups such as Bucks Business First (BBF) to lead a campaign to accelerate a shift away from single occupancy car use to more active travel and sustainable ways of travel in Buckinghamshire.

The project will be aimed at employers and their staff.

Unlike the electric vehicle (EV) campaign that the council received funding for in 2020 and which focused upon businesses with more than 100 employees, this project will target small to medium enterprises (under 100 employees) that were ineligible under the previous project.

The new initiative will give small and medium sized enterprises within the county the opportunity to create active travel plans and to trial an app to encourage a safer eco-friendlier style of driving.

Gareth Williams, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘I’m really proud of our team for securing this grant and for their ongoing efforts to improve air quality in Buckinghamshire. This project will give small to medium businesses the chance to make a real difference and lead the way in sustainable travel. I can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on our community and the environment.

*Source of information : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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