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Charitable ‘Diverted Giving’ scheme aims to stop street begging in High Wycombe

| May 22, 2023

A ‘Diverted Giving’ point in the High Street, High Wycombe. (Image supplied by HWBIDCo)

A new ‘Diverted Giving’ initiative in High Wycombe will work in conjunction with local charities to tackle drug and alcohol use amongst town centre street beggars.

HWBIDCo has recently launched a ‘Diverted Giving’ scheme in conjunction with local charity, The Oasis Partnership, to ensure all public donations reach those in need of meaningful support and help tackle drug and alcohol use amongst the street begging community.

Three ‘Diverted Giving Points’ have been set up in the town centre they are located at:

  • The High Street
  • White Hart Street
  • McDonald’s Drive-Thru

The ‘Diverted Giving Points’ enable the public to make a nominal payment via a fixed card terminal, with all donations channelled through a central charitable trust. Funds will go towards establishing a team of Street Support Outreach Staff, who will engage with anyone asking for money and address their needs appropriately, working with local organisations to provide assistance with drugs and alcohol support, shelter or aid.

A representative from The Oasis Partnership said: ‘The Oasis Partnership works with over 100 homeless people a year across Buckinghamshire. We hope that the ‘Diverted Giving Points’ will help us to continue supporting homeless people, and those experiencing problems with drug and alcohol use, to rebuild meaningful lives. We will be spending any money raised from direct giving on directly supporting homeless people in High Wycombe, in consultation with the homeless community.

This message was echoed by another local charity, Wycombe Homeless Connection, who are equally supportive of the new initiative and its intentions. A representative said: ‘The Oasis Partnership are a great local charity with whom we work closely. We hope the ‘Diverted Giving Scheme’ will mean they can help vulnerable people who are begging whilst often wrestling with drug and alcohol use, all of whom need our compassion, understanding and tailored support.

Further updates will be made in coming weeks as part of the ongoing ‘Diverted Giving’ campaign to inform the public and further help tackle the challenges associated with street begging in High Wycombe town centre.

*Source of information : Press release from HWBIDCo.

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