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Buckinghamshire Scouts receive top awards

| June 10, 2023

Nearly 100 children and young people from Buckinghamshire Scouts were awarded the top award for their section at a recent event.

The Squirrels (boys and girls aged 4 to 6), had to earn four challenge badges: All About Adventure, All About Me, All Around Us, and All Together.

The Beavers (boys and girls aged 6 to 8) had to earn six challenge badges: My World, My Skills, My Outdoor, My Adventure, Teamwork and a Personal Challenge.

The Cub Scouts (boys and girls aged 8 to 10) earned the same six challenge badges, but at a higher level, plus they also had to earn a Team Leader Challenge.

The Scouts (boys and girls aged 10 to 14) had to earn nine challenge badges. The additional challenge badges included Creative, Expedition and Team Leader.

Beaver Scout Olivia said: ‘What I like best is camping, having a water fight and making friends. It is fun, enjoyable and makes me feel happy.

Sonny’s mum Sarah said: ‘Scouts has helped him grow in confidence, he does activities outside of school, he connects with other children and the volunteers are excellent role models.

Adult volunteer Barbara said: ‘As a volunteer I can arrange for children to have different experiences that they would not get at school. Being involved has built my confidence and taken me out of my comfort zone.

James Williamson, lead volunteer for Buckinghamshire Scouts said: ‘We are continuing to grow as our brilliant volunteers provide such a wide range of activities for the children. We are looking for some people to step forward and take on different roles. These range from running a Squirrel Drey, working with teenagers, looking after the finances of a Group or looking after the Scout HQ.

Whatever time you can give, we will find you a role.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can find further information on the Scouts website at www.scouts.org.uk/join.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Scouts.

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