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Cubs from across Buckinghamshire Conquer Conkers

| July 10, 2023

Over 350 Cub Scouts (boys and girls aged 8 to 10) from across Buckinghamshire descended into Conkers in Derbyshire.

Due to the demand for places, the visits had to be made over two weekends.

Numerous coaches transported the Cubs for their adventure day and sleepover. The children enjoyed meeting new people and interacting with each other. They participated in a campfire, went on a train, took part in the barefoot trail, and spent time in the adventure playground. They also tried some circus skills which took many of them out of their comfort zone. They watched a film and had an evening meal and breakfast. It was a very tiring but enjoyable time for all!

Sophie Forde said, ‘My favourite activity was trying the circus skills. We were given the opportunity to spin plates, walk on stilts, juggle, go on balance boards, and use diabolos.

Emma King, lead volunteer for Cub Scouts in Buckinghamshire, said: ‘These types of events are very beneficial for the children. They get to meet and interact with lots of other children, and they can try a host of activities they may not have done before. It was great to see the children on the barefoot trail. They walked on wood, bark, coal, pebbles, clay, mud, grass and in water. All of them thoroughly enjoyed the different feelings on their feet.

Adult volunteers Lisa and Jo joined because their children were involved, and the Group was looking for more leaders. They said that being a volunteer had provided them with more opportunities to do activities with their own children, they had met many parents and they had both gained confidence. They had also done activities such as canal boating for the first time.

Scouting continues to grow and provides a wealth of opportunities for children aged 4 to 17. There are many roles working with children and young people. There are also many support roles, for example. Chair, Treasurer, fund-raiser, website manager, etc.

Further information about volunteering can be found on the Scouts website at www.scouts.org.uk/join. Whatever time you can give, the Scouts will find you a role and you will learn new skills.

*Source of article : Press release from Buckinghamshire Scouts.

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