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Changes announced to household DIY waste disposal in Buckinghamshire from Sunday 31st December 2023

| December 21, 2023

Residents in Buckinghamshire will be able to dispose of small amounts of DIY waste for free at Household Recycling Centres (HRCs) from Sunday 31st December 2023.

The changes have been brought in by central government and will make it easier for people to freely dispose of small amounts of waste created at home from DIY projects such as re-tiling, renovating a bathroom or digging a pond in the garden.

On Tuesday 12th December 2023, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet voted in favour of necessary changes to the council’s Waste Access & Acceptance Policy which sets out rules and procedures for the county’s 10 HRCs, to reflect the new legislation.

Following the change in law regarding the disposal of household DIY waste, the council is reintroducing a digital e-permit for DIY waste. From Sunday 31st December 2023, any resident wanting to dispose of household DIY waste at a HRC will need to have an e-permit printed out or on a portable device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, before they visit. This only affects residents who wish to bring household DIY waste.

The DIY e-permit will allow residents to dispose of one load of DIY waste each week for free. One load of DIY waste is no more than 100 litres of loose DIY waste, or one large item no bigger than 2m x 0.75m x 0.7m such as one bath tub, one door or one kitchen unit.

Staff will scan the permit and check the resident’s address, after which the e-permit will expire. It can be renewed after seven days, to allow residents to dispose of another load of DIY waste for free. Anyone wishing to dispose of more than one load of DIY waste in a week will be able to do so but will be charged, using the same price list which has been in place for the past four years.

Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Climate Change at Environment at Buckinghamshire Council, said: ‘We know these government changes will be welcomed by residents, but in order for us to manage them effectively, we are reintroducing a DIY e-permit system like we have used previously. This may be an extra step for residents, but it allows us to ensure that everything will run smoothly and will deter commercial traders from abusing the new system which is for residents only.

We don’t want people to be held up in queues at the HRCs while the new system is bedding in, so we are looking to give people as much notice as possible of the changes and the need for them to download their e-permit before they visit the HRC from [Sunday] 31[st] December [2023]. We will be promoting the new process widely and would suggest people check our website and social media channels for the most up to date information. The whole process is very simple and straightforward and should become second nature to everyone once it has been up and running for a few weeks.

The changes will only apply to DIY waste. Residents bringing garden waste, electricals, general and other types of waste commonly brought to HRCs will not be affected and can continue to use the sites in exactly the same way as before.

Commercial traders, landlords and residents disposing of waste produced by traders will still need to pay for commercial waste disposal.

Further information on the changes is available on the Buckinghamshire Council website.

*Source of information : Press release from Buckinghamshire Council.

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