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BARRACLOUGH ON THE BALL – Fans must support Wycombe Wanderers

| February 12, 2014

Ok, so things haven’t gone too well for the Blues this season.

Languishing perilously close to the relegation zone there’s a very real scenario that our beloved club could be playing conference football next season.

However what upsets me most is not the position the club is in but it’s the attitude of some fans who  are trying to apportion blame as to why things have gone wrong this season.

Over the past few day I have heard people blame the manager, the trust, the players and even the ground. What rot!

Wycombe’s manager did a great job last season and I still remember everyone singing his praise from the terraces. The trust have done well to secure the future of the club given the financial position it found itself in a while back, just remember if it wasn’t for the trust the club may not be here now. The players are doing a good job and they are our only hope to get us the wins we need. As for blaming the ground, well, what drivel. Adams Park is as good as any in the League.

Apportioning blame will not help to safeguard Wycombe’s position in League Two. Rather than finding scapegoats I would rather see the fans raise the rafters and support the team out of it’s current position. After all the fans are there to give support aren’t they?

Let’s see everyone in the ground channel their frustration into cheers and support for the team at the next home game against Chesterfield on the 22nd February.

Come On You Blues!

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